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Leading Adult Learners


Product Image Learning Talk: important conversations at work - ebook

Learning Talk: important conversations at work - ebook


Important conversations are those that make a real difference for learning, for learning and teaching practices and for the effective collaboration necessary to bring this about.

This fifth and final book in the Learning Talk series shows you how to respectfully address important issues, topics and concerns in ways that seriously support and seriously challenge thinking.

The practical strategies, processes and tools in this book will enhance your own personal and interpersonal effectiveness, showing you how to:

  • surface and test assumptions, and use evidence to move learning forward
  • build and identify common ground for shared clarity
  • explore disagreement, work with resistance and issues of concern, hold people accountable, and work for resolution
  • establish decision-making clarity and plan for action
  • increase your self-awareness, and monitor self, others and process.

In this book you will find:

Pages 2-3

Pages 4-5