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Leading Adult Learners


About Us


I bring to our team: 30+ years experience as a teacher, leader, consultant and school principal. My ongoing work with primary and secondary schools enables me to bring a credible approach grounded in the dailies realities teachers and leaders face.

In addition to my work across Australia and New Zealand, my experience with schools and educators in places such as Turkey, Thailand, the UK and Japan have all contributed to making the 'classroom' in which I operate larger and richer, deepened my understanding of global learning, and the value of diversity.


I bring to our team: 40+ years experience as a teacher, school leader, senior officer with state and national projects, Professional Learning Director for a non-profit organization in the USA, and major writing and consultancy experience.

I bring in-depth learning from working with schools and educational systems in more than 10 different countries, and a global picture of current international research and best practice.