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Leading Adult Learners


What we offer

Joan Dalton faciliating

We work by invitation to consult, to coach and mentor, to facilitate leadership development and professional learning with schools, clusters, systems, organisations and workplaces.

We provide learning expertise across Australia and internationally for keynote addresses, workshop facilitation, and specific project development.

Our current work

As a team we co-facilitate our Art of Facilitation Institutes, for which there has been extraordinary demand from educators and systems over the past three years, both in New Zealand and Australia.

As invited members of the Australian Council of Educational Leaders’ Academic Faculty, we work collaboratively with others to build Leadership Capabilities of aspiring and existing school leaders across Australia and beyond.

As a former principal and committed teacher, David’s major focus is continuing his long-term, ‘tailored to needs’ journeys with schools and clusters across Australia and New Zealand.

I work with learners of all ages: I mentor and coach leadership teams to create school-wide approaches to improving student learning, and support them in building strong professional learning communities and teams.

I facilitate professional learning with staff and parents, work with school syndicate teams to plan and problem-solve, and yes, I still model practice with students in classrooms.

As a writer of several internationally successful books and PLOT website, Joan’s current passion is focused on skilful communication.


I am really excited about my first series of very practical eBooks. Titled Learning Talk, they will be progressively available during 2010, and are designed to build leadership and staff capabilities to skilfully engage in important learning-focused conversations.

Joan’s other current projects include:

  • co-facilitating a National Innovative Schools project, part of a worldwide Microsoft project
  • ongoing facilitation of Instructional Coaching program for South Australian Department of Education & Children’s Services
  • continuing her work with the Australian Council for Educational Leaders

We partner with others and organisations for best use of diverse talents to achieve desired results.

Recent collaborations include:

Queensland Department
of Education & Training:
long-term partnership created PLOT (Professional learning Online Tool) website to provide site-based 24/7 resource for school leaders around the world.

South Australian
Department of Education & Children’s Services, Leadership & Learning Technologies Branch:
collaboration to build capability of school leaders across the state to facilitate adult learning and grow professional communities focused on improving student learning.

Australian Council for Educational Leaders: partnership with Joan to collaboratively write ACEL’s Leadership Capability Framework and Learning Maps designed for Australia and beyond.