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Leading Adult Learners


22 Jan

Norms and agreements: foundational to your learning culture

Posted by Joan Dalton
A new school year offers the perfect opportunity to revisit, reflect on, and review your school’s current norms and values. This is particularly important when you have new team members, to involve and uncover their thinking for common understandings and shared commitment.
24 Jan

There’s an elephant in the room!

Posted by Joan Dalton
In this first blog for 2021, I’d like to introduce to you my great New Zealand colleague, Roz Miller. Roz is an experienced principal and leadership adviser, who was able to effectively show a group of beginning principals how to address on the hardest conversations of all to have: ‘the elephant in the room.’
14 May

Taking care of self and others: our human needs

Posted by Joan Dalton
The focus on Taking care of self and others: our human needs, has emerged because I’ve seen the impact these exceptionally challenging times have had on my colleagues and friends who work in and with schools.