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Product Image Learning Talk: build understandings - ebook

Learning Talk: build understandings - ebook


A landmark publication from internationally acclaimed educator Joan Dalton

The first in a ground breaking series on Learning Talk, this Book shows you how to use:

  • practical, step by step strategies
  • leading-edge professional learning material
  • concrete examples and tools to build collective understanding and commitment to Learning Talk for the collaborative, learning-focused world in which we live.

Develop your own and others’ skills in Learning Talk with this comprehensive series, to be progressively released during 2010-12:

  1. Learning Talk: build understandings
  2. Learning Talk: build the culture
  3. Learning Talk: build capabilities
  4. Learning Talk: develop inquiry foundations
  5. Learning Talk: develop more complex capabilities
  6. Learning Talk: practise and embed the learning
  7. Learning Talk: use feedback effectively

"Conversation is your core technology for improving and transforming learning."

"All educators need to know how to skillfully navigate important, learning focused conversations. If you canʼt have the conversations, nothing changes."