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11 Nov

Significant professional learning opportunity 2018

Posted by Joan Dalton

Collaborative partnerships have the potential to offer far more than any one person or group working alone, and in that spirit, we have some exciting news to share.

Our company, Hands On Educational Consultancy, has formed a collaborative partnership with Evaluation Associates, a highly respected professional organisation in New Zealand.

If you are a New Zealander, you may already be well aware of the outstanding work they do to make a real difference for student learning. If you are an Australian who knows our work, then you will know we would only form a partnership with people of the highest calibre.

One of those people is Mel Stopford, a wonderful colleague we have worked professionally with over several years. I am delighted to be working with her again in what I believe is a significant professional learning opportunity for 2018.

Although the face-to-face components of the program are to be held in New Zealand, there may be ways we can serve Australian teams well during follow-up and personalised ongoing coaching.

Take a look at the information included below, and if you would like to inquire further, contact us at:

Mel Stopford Joan Dalton
m.stopford@evaluate.co.nz handsed@ozemail.com.au


Register before December 1 2017.

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How wonderful to see two of my favourite people in a formal partnership. I know Joan, David and Mel have shared many outstanding educational adventures and I’m sure this will be an inspiring and productive journey. Enjoy- I wish you all the best.

Posted by Jane Carr on July 19, 2018

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